Saasable Launches in the QuickBooks App Store, Unlocking Automated Recurring Revenue Metrics For Millions of Accountants and SMBs

BURLINGTON, Vt., Sept. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Software startup Saasable announced today their launch in the QuickBooks App Store. Saasable is a financial reporting and analytics app that allows accountants and SMBs to automate recurring revenue metrics in a beautiful, real-time dashboard.

“Previously, accountants spent hours putting together tedious spreadsheets to report basic revenue and related numbers for their clients and investors.” said Michael Ly, CEO of Saasable.  “Saasable makes it easy for accounting professionals and startup founders to track and share recurring revenue metrics in one easy to use app by simply connecting their Quickbooks file.”

Michael started Saasable with co-founder Ali Sarafzadeh after recognizing a common challenge facing many accountants and startups he worked with through his online accounting firm, Reconciled: measuring recurring revenue. “Startups usually start in a spreadsheet to track their metrics, but as they grow, they usually have to switch to an expensive solution to keep tracking their metrics.” says Ali.  “Saasable allows them to stay in their current accounting software or billing platform by simply connecting their data to us.”

Accountants across the country are waking up to the reality that more and more of their clients are engaging in, and experimenting with, recurring revenue models.  Recurring revenue business models are becoming the fastest growing business segment in the country.  Recurring revenue metrics greatly influence the decisions of investors as startups try to raise capital, and for most of these businesses the data is trapped in a format that cannot be digitized, standardized and connected to financial opportunities in an efficient way.

Starting September 15th Saasable will be available on the QuickBooks App Store at Connecting your first QuickBooks file is free, forever. Find more information about the Saasable dashboard at

About Saasable: Saasable is a financial analytics dashboard for recurring revenue metrics. Founded in 2019 by serial entrepreneurs Michael Ly and Ali Sarafzadeh, Saasable aims to make recurring revenue metrics easy to measure, understand and offer actionable insights for it’s customers.  Saasable is backed by The Fund at Hula, FreshTracks Capital and Burlington Telecom Innovation Fund.

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