Railz to Unveil Visualization Tools for SMB Lenders at LendIt Fintech 2022

White-label Dashboards Help Banks Make Faster, Smarter Loan Decisions

NEW YORK, May 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Railz, a financial technology company that makes it easy for small-medium business (SMB) lenders to access and analyze clients’ financial data across different accounting systems, today introduced a collection of white-label dashboard tools that allow lenders to visualize the data and insights needed to make accurate, low-risk loan decisions. Railz will be showcasing this solution at LendIt Fintech from May 25 to May 26 in New York City.

Lenders can use the Railz visualization software development kit (SDK) to build branded, customized dashboards that show a complete picture of the current financial performance of the SMB clients they serve. The white-label dashboard tools use normalized financial transactions and analytics data from the Railz API, which offers real-time connectivity with popular accounting software providers, such as Quickbooks and Sage. By integrating income statements, bills, invoices, and balance sheets from the business’ accounting software, lenders can visually summarize revenue, costs, expenses, debt, and more to paint a complete picture of a business’s financial health.

"Regardless of how and where your client’s accounting data is stored and organized, Railz makes it easy to get a full picture view of the business’s current financial performance and where they need to be," said Sam Kawtharani Vice President of Product at Railz. "Using data visualizations to provide insights lets you focus on building a great product, not processing data."

About Railz

Railz provides real-time connectivity with popular accounting software providers, including Quickbooks, Sage, Netsuite, and Xero, making it easy for financial institutions to access and analyze their small business customers’ accounting, banking, tax, and commerce data, enabling quick, informed decisions on lending and other financial services. Headquartered in Toronto, Railz was founded in 2020 and is privately owned. For more information, visit www.railz.ai.

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