Pro-Ledger Bookkeeping Software Announces They are Moving to the Cloud

WINNIPEG, MB, Sept. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Pro-Ledgers / Moneyledgers, a simple and inexpensive bookkeeping desktop software provider, has just announced the release of its Pro-Ledger Online Cloud based bookkeeping software solution. This release enables users to login from any web enabled device to access and work on their financial records.

"We are pleased to provide our desktop clients with a new cloud-based version for improved access to their financial records. Current desktop users will be able to upload their current data to this new cloud version with a click of a button. Pro-Ledger Online users can then easily collaborate, update, and view financial information in ‘real time’. Furthermore, they have instant access to new program features without having to download updates," said Steve Penner, Owner of Pro-Ledgers. 

Overall, cloud and internet technology and security has continued to advance. Now, all the features of a bookkeeping software program can be achieved in a cloud environment with fewer complications and risks than a desktop system.

Gone are concerns about local computer hard drive and device failures, as well as compatibility issues. Non-existent backups, several versions of the same file, or corrupted files are a thing of the past. With cloud computing, your data is always backed up and stored off site. In addition, the tech support is greatly reduced and simplified to just the bookkeeping program itself. Users will be assured that when they login they are working with the most current data and newest version of the bookkeeping program.

Pro-Ledger Online is hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) which utilizes the most advanced security protocols and encryption in the world today. Real estate agents, landlords, truckers, and small business professionals are increasingly mobile and DIY bookkeepers.This easy to use cloud based program that is accessible anywhere at any time definitely adds value to the user experience.

About Pro-Ledger Online

Since inception in 2012, Moneyledgers / Pro-Ledgers has been focused on providing inexpensive, simple, industry specific bookkeeping software solutions. The focus is on real estate agents, landlords, truckers, and small business professionals in Canada and USA.

Pro-Ledger Online is designed to simplify the bookkeeping and setup process. It offers a choice of industry specific setups screens and easy to follow tutorial videos.

For more information and a 30-Day Free Trial (no credit card required) visit our website using the related link below. Follow us on Facebook , Instagram, and Youtube.

Steve Penner

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