Raising Funds via Equity Crowdfunding to Continue Disrupting Payroll Processing

BEACHWOOD, Ohio, Sept. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Up until recently, small business owners processing payroll had to pay their employees along with paying hefty fees to payroll processors to make employee paychecks happen.  Payroll4Free.Com changed all that by offering totally free payroll processing to small businesses. 

This paradigm shift in the payroll industry initiated by is best explained by their President and CEO Michael Rosenberg: “We noted that virtually all payroll services charge fees, including a base fee, plus fees per employee or check.  As a result, the smallest companies are charged the largest amount per employee or check. By focusing on the very small business, addresses a great need for a very under-served market.”

Payroll4Free.Com has validation of proof of concept thanks to the praise bestowed on the company by CPAs and small business owners across America.  As this company is already generating revenue through an established customer base and a proven business model of great appeal to the tens of millions of small business owners across America, investors are invited to take a very close look at this unique investment opportunity.

With Covid-19 crushing small businesses in various ways, any relief by eliminating expenses to keep Americans working and getting paid is welcomed.  In more than one sense, an investment in could be considered impact investing.

Interested investors are invited to review the formal investment offering –

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About Payroll4Free.Com LLC. is the only provider of free online payroll services. They are headquartered in Beachwood, Ohio-a lovely suburb of Cleveland. Started in 2012 with two local clients they experienced explosive growth. By 2014 they had clients in nearly every state in the US. The company provides a full range of payroll services at no cost to small-business clients. Their proprietary software was designed to accommodate all payroll situations from the simplest to the most complex, while staying secure and easy to use. The team is comprised of friendly and experienced industry professionals who really enjoy what they do.


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