OptionTrax Announces Breakthrough Single Account Access for Equity Plans Across Entities

WEST CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa, April 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Jonathan Miller, CEO of Plan Management Corp. (PMC), the developer and licensor of the OptionTrax® system used worldwide, shared the following information today:

OptionTrax has added breakthrough functionality in its latest release. Corporate equity compensation plan participants can now access their holdings in different issuer plans from a single OptionTrax user account. Until now, participants who hold awards in the plans of different subsidiaries or divisions of one company would log into separate accounts to see and exercise their holdings in different corporate entities. Today we have provided the solution to what has been a thorn in the side of those participants. These include people who are members of multiple boards of directors, consultants to multiple companies, and employees who move from one subsidiary or affiliate in a company to another, while holding awards in the plans of their previous stations.

Elena Thomas, PMC COO, added "No longer will participants in multiple plans have to maintain multiple user accounts to keep track of all their holdings. This will not only save them time and reduce frustration, but it saves time for plan administrators also, eliminating calls about how to access previous plan awards, losing and replacing passwords to different accounts, asking questions about the status of their previous affiliate awards and the like. Often the participant’s current plan administrator knows little or nothing about the plan in a different subsidiary or affiliate of their company. This release is a tremendous time-saver for harried administrators and participants." The OptionTrax participant portal provides industry-leading functionality for plan participants, including:

  • Full equity portfolio view and value
  • Equity award activity modeling
  • Electronic acceptance of award paperwork
  • Online award exercising and share sales
  • Real-time access to statements and tax reports

Jonathan concluded, "This new feature enhances the perception of value in the equity awards that company leaders are providing their plan participants. We know that maintaining incentives and loyalty is uppermost in the minds of top management today. In light of the volatility of the modern work force, we are happy to increase the transparency and perceived value of equity plans for our clients."

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