Gateway Funnel Pros Offers Solutions in Reaction to the Reported Spike in Online Friendly Fraud

WINDHAM, Maine, June 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Alex Roy, owner of Gateway Funnel Pros, a ClickFunnels-focused provider of high-risk payment gateways and chargeback mitigation services, is reacting to a recent report from MiDiGATOR by redoubling his company’s efforts to fight online fraud.

Alex stated that "According to a new report from MiDiGATOR, one of our main fraud-reduction partners, 77 percent of chargebacks coded as fraud are directly attributable to friendly fraud. This type of fraud is especially difficult for merchants to guard against, therefore I wanted to put a renewed focus on our set of services that help blunt the effect of friendly fraud for our clients."

Friendly fraud chargebacks can occur when a legitimate credit card holder manipulates the credit card chargeback system to, for lack of a better word, steal from a business owner – usually an online merchant. An example is when a credit card holder orders a product which is delivered correctly, but then disputes the transaction as undelivered.

"The social distancing policies of common carriers have certainly contributed to the increase in friendly fraud," Alex continued. "It is still common for deliveries to be dropped at a doorstep without a signature – even if the company shipping the product specifically requests a signature. This uptick in fraud is an unintended consequence of the efforts that carriers have put in place to keep their delivery drivers safe."

Alex’s company, Gateway Funnel Pros, works primarily with users of the ClickFunnels website builder that offer high-risk or fraud-prone products and services. In addition to providing high-risk payment gateways and merchant account placements, Gateway Funnel Pros leverages both the anti-fraud features of the NMI payment gateway’s Advanced Fraud Detection Suite with the chargeback mitigation features of MiDiGATOR.

Alex explained his company’s experience this way: "We have been working with ClickFunnels website owners who need an alternative to traditional payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal since the funnel builder’s launch in 2014. In that time, we have seen a lot of business owners fall victim to fraud, both friendly and otherwise. Because of our unique experience, we have put together a fraud prevention philosophy that leverages our status as both an NMI payment gateway reseller and a MiDiGATOR partner. NMI’s features can stop a lot of traditional fraud while MiDiGATOR’s mitigation and management systems can not only prevent many chargebacks before they occur, but also save ClickFunnels users time by helping them manage their chargeback replies and rebut chargeback claims they feel are fraudulent."

The risks of fraud to online business owners go beyond the hard cost of lost goods and revenue to the actual ability of website owners to stay in business. According to the Gateway Funnel Pros website, a spike in chargebacks can put a company’s ability to accept credit cards at risk. Their website states, "One of the biggest causes of held funds, shut-down accounts, and catastrophic cash-flow interruptions is a spike in chargebacks. Therefore, understanding the trends and the root causes of chargebacks is an essential part of any e-commerce business."

The proprietary MiDiGATOR chargeback report referenced by Alex Roy, of Gateway Funnel Pros, highlights how important it is for online businesses, especially those in industries prone to fraud, to manage, understand, and mitigate their fraud risks as much as possible. To learn more about how Gateway Funnel Pros helps ClickFunnels entrepreneurs accept credit card payments, manage chargebacks, and reduce fraud using the tools provided by their partners at NMI and MiDiGATOR, visit their ClickFunnels website at

About is the preferred ClickFunnels alternative payment gateway provider and chargeback prevention specialist. They offer high-risk payment gateways, one-on-one payment processing support, and chargeback dispute expertise for high-risk e-commerce entrepreneurs who use the ClickFunnels website-building platform.

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