FlyFin Launches Free Tax Form Wizard to Bring Simplicity to Self-Employed and Freelance Taxpayers

Tax Form Wizard Recommends All Forms Needed for Tax Filing, Just in Time for June Quarterly Deadline

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — FlyFin, a fintech provider, unveiled a free tax form recommendation tool for self-employed people, freelancers and small business owners. FlyFin’s Tax Form Wizard ( shows 1099 taxpayers the IRS tax forms that apply to their needs as self-employed individuals, with recommendations for forms specific to the kind of work they do and their individual situations.

With more than 800 different tax forms that the IRS makes available, the sheer volume and complexity of various tax forms can make tax preparation overwhelming. FlyFin’s Tax Form Wizard empowers self-employed people and freelancers with a tool to help them bypass the need for a tax professional. The bespoke tax form recommendation tool lets people quickly find and download only the forms that apply to their employment circumstances over the tax year.

Just in time for the June 15th tax quarterly deadline, the Tax Form Wizard guides self-employed people and freelancers in understanding exactly which forms they will need for their tax preparation and filing.

Every year, self-employed people across America are unsure about the tax forms and the details of filing their taxes and end up underpaying, which generally leads to tax penalties and interest charges from the IRS.

FlyFin developed its new Tax Form Wizard when the response to its 1099 Tax Calculator made the need known for tools that help self-employed individuals with their taxes. The 1099 Tax Calculator quickly computes quarterly or annual income taxes for freelancers and self-employed individuals so they know what the amount of their next tax payment needs to be. Taxpayers who receive 1099 Forms are typically self-employed, sub-contractors, independent contractors, gig workers, freelancers and creator economy workers.

"We developed the Tax Form Wizard as a solution for self-employed people, freelancers and small business owners, who have more complicated tax filing requirements, to take the hassle out of tax preparation for them," said Jaideep Singh, CEO of FlyFin. "The IRS provides a mountain of information on tax preparation, but it can be difficult to find what you need, and the explanations can be confusing or overwhelming. Our Wizard cuts through the chaos and lets people know only the tax forms that apply to their needs as self-employed individuals and freelancers."

The Tax Form Wizard is part of a larger project FlyFin is undertaking to build a comprehensive resource center for tax preparation specific to the needs of self-employed people and freelancers.

About FlyFin

FlyFin is an AI-powered, SaaS platform that provides self-employed, sub-contractors, independent contractors, gig workers, freelancers, and creator economy workers with a convenient, easy-to-use, affordable tax filing solution. FlyFin helps individuals maximize self-employment tax deductions and income tax refunds. FlyFin’s ‘Man + Machine’ approach leverages the power of A.I. paired with CPA expertise to deliver automation that eliminates 95% of work required for 1099 self-employed individuals to prepare their taxes, with tax filing led by world-class CPAs. FlyFin is a privately-held, venture-backed company based in San Jose, California.

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