Fishtail Introduces Sustainable Supply Chain Leaders Association

The new professional association will connect global trade leaders to work together for a greener future.

NEW YORK, Nov. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Fishtail, a leader in the global supply trade financing sector, has announced the creation of the Sustainable Supply Chain Leaders Association (SSCLA) – an independent organization with the goal of defining and improving environmental and social sustainability in the supply chain space.

“First and foremost, we need to define sustainable practices for the global trade space,” says Fishtail CEO Marc Held. “There’s an incredible opportunity here to codify what the future of this industry looks like in order to thrive. Everyone’s eager to see how their carbon footprint can be reduced, and we know global trade is an arena where we can make huge improvements.”

In order to define these practices, the SSCLA is gathering a variety of players in the supply chain – including cargo owners, tech providers, freight forwarders, as well as ports and terminals. At its inception, the SSCLA’s partners include over 30 industry stakeholders such as technology providers EcoCart and Isometric Technologies (ISO) as well as transportation providers like Gulf Relay.

“In order to further environmental sustainability and become the Gold Standard for CO₂ emissions reduction in supply chain transportation,” Held adds, “we need to include everyone in the conversation. Collaboration is key.”

The SSCLA has a roadmap for the next year that includes the immediate definition of sustainable practices in the supply chain space. It will also become  an impartial aggregator and clearinghouse of industry data. The organization will then expand into monitoring commodities being transported, as well as hosting annual events where industry leaders can connect to refine the SSCLA’s practices as industry changes may demand.

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Marc Held