Does Your Company Qualify for An Innovation Tax Rebate?

IRVINE, Calif. and AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Most business owners took advantage of the government PPP funds, but have they applied for Innovation Tax Credits? This program rebates some of your expenses associated with being more competitive. These aren’t deductions but actual cash rebates that you get back. has successfully completed over 6,000 applications generating $300 million in tax rebates received by their clients.

Senator Chuck Grassley stated, “Businesses are not taking advantage of these incentives.”

Does your company qualify? You should find out. has no upfront costs, no obligation, and free analysis conducted by a team of expert CPAs, lawyers and analysts.

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American Incentive Advisors
Since 2007 our team has successfully completed over 6,000 applications, recovering over $300 million in overpaid taxes. Our firm consists of CPAs, MBAs, PHDs, Engineers, Manufacturing Specialists, Software Developers, Accounting Professionals and Tax Attorneys who are incredibly experienced in this specialized field. They’ve worked at Deloitte and Ernst & Young, for example, performing years of Innovation Refund applications successfully.

Irvine Family Offices
It’s well established that prominent companies and families receive the best product offerings available. Irvine Family Offices is now bringing beneficial access, preferred treatment, and unparalleled expertise to our invited clients. Since 1864, the Irvine family has been one of California’s largest landowners, evolving from a ranching and farming operation to one of the premier real estate investment companies and master planners in America. Today, we’re known for a commitment to long-term ownership and management of a high-quality portfolio—the breadth and quality of which is unmatched in the country

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