Build and Preserve Real Estate Wealth Using Florida State Tax Advantages and the 1031 Exchange –

NAPLES, Fla., July 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — and the Income Realty Advisors (IRA) recently highlighted their platform as the perfect gateway to property investing in the Sunshine State. Specializing in Single Tenant, Net-Lease Properties with Credit Tenants (NNN), IRA helps investors to own properties that are generally leased for long periods of time, providing a solid source of steady wealth but without the high taxes of other states. Coupled with the tax-deferral power of the 1031 Exchange, purchasing NNN properties has never been more lucrative. IRA is a brokerage firm that provides Exclusive Buyer’s brokerage services, helping real estate developers find sites and selling the finished NNN properties to net lease investors.

"There are plenty of great real estate sites across America that offer beauty and location, but investors have to be mindful of taxes – there is a steep price for doing business in many U.S. states," said Patrick J. Moorton, President of Income Realty Advisors. "This is one of the major reasons why purchasing property in Florida is such a wise investment decision. We have beauty, location, and low taxes."

Who Should Consider NNN Property Investments in Florida?

  • Individuals and investors with high net worth.
  • Investors who have qualifying property to sell and/or swap with a 1031 Exchange.
  • Investors with property currently in high-income tax states.
  • Investors who prefer real estate holdings that do not require constant maintenance from a "landlord."
  • Those who would like to increase their after-tax investment income.

Advantages of Investing in FloridaNNN Properties

Investors have already begun to leave high-tax states like New York, New Jersey, and California to take advantage of Florida’s state tax rates and the pro-business environment. The wealth-building strategies for selling property in high-tax states to purchase and hold property in Florida are surprisingly simple:

  • Buy one or multiple NNN properties in Florida. Florida charges no personal state income tax, and no state income tax on Limited Partnerships, LLCs, or Subchapter S Corporations.
  • Use a 1031 Exchange. Sell properties in high-tax states and exchange them for a "Like Kind" of property in Florida. Investors can defer federal taxes while lowering state taxes in Florida to zero – as long as these exchanges are structured in entities that comply with Florida state law and IRS rules for the 1031 Exchange.

"There are many advantages to holding NNN properties," said Moorton. "You get a lot of control because you own the asset. And because most of these tenants – big chain stores, banks, etc. – like to take care of their own maintenance and repair, there are little or no property management headaches. These properties also provide good credit for borrowing and remain a healthy cash flow that far exceeds the tiny interest on other investments like CDs or money markets. And due to the long-term leases, this is a steady cash flow that can last for 5, 10, or even 25 years."

For more information on how investors can begin investing in Florida real estate, contact Income Realty Advisors directly to schedule a short phone consultation.

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Income Realty Advisors is a Florida-based Commercial Real Estate Brokerage firm specializing in the sale of Single Tenant, Net-Leased Properties with Credit Tenants through a dedicated website. The firm also provides site selection services to real estate developers throughout Florida, with access to a high-quality pipeline of deals under construction or available for future delivery. Income Realty Advisors is a one-stop location for real estate investors seeking to expand their portfolios with high-quality, low-tax Floridian property.

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