BrightWorks Health Launches “C-Suite at the Center(C)” Management Model to Help Healthcare Executives Address Pervasive Healthcare Challenges

BrightWorks Health’s “C-Suite at the Center(c)” is a system of innovative organizational components, practices, and tools which work together to accelerate problem solving, planning and critical transformations.

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Oct. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — BrightWorks Health’s “C-Suite at the Center” Management Model empowers healthcare leaders to innovate and achieve business objectives like never before, and in far less time.

Now more than ever, healthcare executives feel pressure to reduce cost, dramatically transform patient care, adapt to chronic staffing shortages, and improve the work lives of caregivers. “‘C-Suite at the Center’ closes the gap of knowledge between the CEO and managers at all levels to help them improve judgments; reduces wasted time spent in meetings; and inherently improves the organizational culture. It achieves these objectives by simply working in a different way…a new way that values and engages managers more completely,” says Terry Carroll, a Partner at BrightWorks Health.

Terry Carroll adds, “We believe agility and efficiency are more instrumental than ever to the success of healthcare organizations… becoming more agile and efficient requires us to re-think not just what is being done – but how it gets done. ‘C-Suite at the Center’ provides the framework to make that a reality.”

“C-Suite at the Center” gives healthcare executives the practical set of tools they need to perform better and produce better outcomes. It should become “the new way to work” for healthcare executives whose success relies on speed, innovation, and transformation. The traditional hierarchical model of management is essential for managing stable organizations with predictable operations. “C-Suite at the Center” isn’t a replacement for hierarchy; but when speed, agility, and innovation are imperative, hierarchy and bureaucracy can be slow and are often an impediment to essential change.

“C-Suite at the Center” leverages small, agile, interdisciplinary teams. It prioritizes input from subject matter experts throughout the entire organization, regardless of their reporting level to solve a problem or formulate a plan. “C-Suite at the Center” deploys essential authority and resources to the areas that need it most. It enables leadership to continually monitor for marketplace disruptions, while at the same time liberating them to manage innovation throughout all levels of the organization. “For the first time, the CEO and direct reports are put in a position to design and lead change – and not just delegate expectations,” according to Howard Peterson, BrightWorks Health’s Managing Partner. By implementing BrightWorks Health’s “C-Suite at the Center”, healthcare leaders will have the speed, agility, and efficiency they need to innovate and succeed.

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BrightWorks Health is a healthcare consulting firm that solves the evolving business challenges faced by health systems by – among other things – implementing its proven “C-Suite at the Center” Management Model.  BrightWorks’ team of consultants have broad and deep healthcare-industry management experience; its executive leadership each have over 25 years of C-suite management or advisory experience, and they have collectively completed more than $30 billion in complex transactions. The BrightWorks Health team has developed proprietary solutions to improve organizational performance and radically reduce costs. The team is unified in its belief that – now more than ever – it’s important to deliver a wide range of actionable, effective, and affordable consulting solutions to the marketplace. For more information on BrightWorks Health, visit:

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