Author and Education Expert Dr. LaVern McCants Offers Insight on Reopening Schools Amidst Coronavirus Concerns

NEW YORK, Aug. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. LaVern McCants, a fearless author with a doctorate in education, parent advocate, School Improvement Consultant, motivational speaker, and former educator, stated that “it is remarkable that many schools are choosing to provide remote learning; this is something that should take place in every school. The foremost important thing that school officials should do is to provide safety for students and school personnel.

McCants also stated that silence on the issue of reopening schools is no longer an option; instead, it is essential to demand to ban schools from reopening and enforce that remote learning is the only learning option until there is a proven cure for coronavirus. The virus will continue to spread massively if schools reopen. It is unrealistic that students would continuously practice social distancing while at school. Schools are a hot spot. Lives are precious. One person infected by the virus is too much! Let us put a stop to the individuals that are demonstrating senseless behavior.”

Dr. McCants ask that parents act based on the following:

  • negligence claim for the safety of children and adolescents
  • unjust consideration for school personnel
  • assuming that educators would not effectively teach because keeping their students safe would be their primary concern

McCants believes that the virus will continue to spread based on the following:
a). daily contact on school buses; in classrooms; in the lunchroom; on playgrounds and in physical education classes
b). touching surfaces                                                                                                                             
c). numerous reliable sources state that the virus is airborne

McCants’ Solutions:

  • McCants suggest that remote teaching occurs until there is a proven cure for coronavirus.
  • School personnel is allowed to handle their educational obligations remotely via Zoom, Webinar, Skype, or other remote options.
  • School personnel will be required to be accountable as they are in traditional settings but allowed the right to teach their classes remotely.
  • Tutoring lines are made available for all school districts throughout the United States.
  • Teachers, school administrators, and support staff members are paid regular salaries with no interruptions with their salaries. With today’s technology, school personnel can still be accountable for providing sound teaching without brick-and-mortar.

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