Are you an advisor* with W2 clients in Washington state? Be sure to read this.

BELLEVUE, Wash., Sept. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —¬†AskMyAdvisor of Bellevue, Washington has identified that due to an upcoming long-term healthcare income tax hitting Washington state W2 employees in January 2022, there is a once in a decade opportunity for advisors to land same-day referrals, just by asking clients 1 specific question (free report access enclosed).

Accountants, attorneys, financial advisors, realtors, insurance advisors, mortgage bankers, VCs, sports agents, any professional who falls under the trusted advisor umbrella can help guide their Washington state based clients through this first of its kind Long-term Healthcare Tax.

BTW, advisors do not need to be an accountant or insurance advisor to make this work. Any trusted advisor can leverage this opportunity.

What is it?
Washington state is the first state to mandate this long-term health care coverage with a mandatory .58% income tax on all W2 employees who have not added private insurance coverage by Nov 1, 2021.

A few key things to note for those who do not opt out by getting private insurance coverage by Nov 1, 2021

  • The maximum benefit payout is $36,500 (with annual increases to be determined based on inflation).
  • It’s a .58% tax on "all" income. There is no income cap.
  • There is no guarantee in the future that it will not increase from .58%.

What is the referral opportunity?
With the deadline fast approaching and people running low on private insurance options, it’s important clients are clear on their options.

In addition, by asking a simple question (we share in the report) advisors can access a bridge to the 1,000s of people in their clients lives, all who are potential referrals.

How to do this?
Grab the 1-page talking point cheatsheet. It’s built exclusively for trusted advisors.

Advisors DO NOT need to be a tax or insurance expert.

These talking points enable an advisor to instantly become the advisor who helped guide clients through what many people are calling an utterly confusing tax mandate.

The opportunity in disguise.
The advisor is simply a guide. That is it. What possibilities can this open up? Especially if current advisors are not "guiding" them?

Next step, grab the 1-page cheatsheet here

What is included at $0 charge?

After opting in, advisors instantly receive:

  • The 1-page talking point cheatsheet infographic (PDF)
  • The 1 question to ask (template) that opens clients up to share the 1,000s of people in their lives, without the advisor ever having to ask for a referral.
  • A 3-Step process for connecting with clients, today, to land same-day referrals.
  • An additional list of resource URLs that explain the details of this long-term care tax.

This free package is all designed to help advisors help more people by actually…Helping more people.

In turn advisors instantly can take even better care of their clients and open access to the 1,000s of people who need guidance, too.

Do not wait. This is an unbelievable diamond in the rough.

AskMyAdvisor, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company, has built the first-of-a-kind Q&A software exclusively available for trusted advisors.

This app provides trusted advisors the simplest pathway for their top clients and the 1,000s of people in their lives to Q&A with the expert, the advisor.

100% web based and mobile friendly, it’s a marketing machine working 24/7, 365 days a year. No days off. No vacation days. No holidays. No complaints, ever.

In addition, look for AskMyAdvisor to release their upcoming book, Referral Secrets of the Elite Trusted advisor in less than 44 days.

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