Academic Influence Ranks the Best Small Colleges in Ohio

DENTON, Texas, Dec. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — is pleased to announce their article, “Best Small Colleges in Ohio 2024.” This article features schools that are regionally accredited, provide students with a well rounded and thorough education, and have been known to produce high quality outcomes for students. Students leaving any of the colleges ranked in this article should be expected to enter the workforce prepared and ready to use the skills they gained during their college career. The aim of this article is to display the best small colleges in Ohio, each college’s strengths, and what students can expect upon graduating from one of these institutions.

How Academic Influence Ranks Programs

Using its proprietary InfluenceRanking™ Engine—innovative machine-learning technology that objectively measures a school’s influence through its students, faculty, staff, and alumni—Academic Influence ranks academic persons, institutions, and disciplinary programs. The schools listed in this article are ranked according to unbiased criteria to create a more accurate and fair ranking. Academic Influence uses objective measures to assist students in finding the right school for them based on their career goals, desired location, and academic rigor.

Why Pursue an Education in Ohio?

Students might wish to pursue further education in Ohio for a number of reasons. In-state tuition can be a huge draw for some students, so for native Ohioians, finding a school that matches their needs in-state can be exactly what they’re looking for. Ohio also boasts of a low cost of living, plenty of outdoor recreation options, three large cities to explore, an amazing sports culture, and Midwestern friendliness. Depending on what a student is looking for, Ohio could be a great place to receive an education.

Many of Ohio’s colleges and universities are found in major cities such as Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus. The state offers over 120 schools for students to choose from, giving students a wide range of choices to pick from. The majority of Ohio’s schools are private, meaning that they are most likely smaller in size. This can prove to be of some benefit to students.

Benefits of Pursuing an Education at a Small College

Many students decide to pursue an education at larger universities, because they know these institutions will deliver a high quality education. This may be true, but small colleges also have the ability to deliver a rigorous and effective course of study. Furthermore, there are advantages to small colleges that many larger universities simply cannot deliver. Small colleges and universities tend to be able to have smaller class sizes, which has been shown to increase participation and boost learning. Additionally, students tend to develop critical thinking skills and have a better grasp on the topics presented.

Students at smaller institutions are also more likely to get to know their professors on a personal level, creating better interactions with professors. Not only does this improve their overall college experience, but those connections can assist students when they are trying to find a job or apply to graduate school down the line. Smaller colleges also tend to develop a better sense of community among students as it is harder to get lost in the crowd.

Schools Ranked in Academic Influence’s Article

Academic Influence’s ranking of the best small colleges in Ohio was created for students seeking information on the pros and cons of various education options. Academic Influence hopes that with this ranking, created using only unbiased and publicly available data, students will have the information necessary to find the college of their dreams. The schools and their ranking are listed as follows:

  1. Oberlin College
  2. Denison University
  3. Kenyon College
  4. Ashland University
  5. John Carroll University
  6. Ohio Wesleyan University
  7. Wittenberg University
  8. College of Wooster
  9. Ohio Northern University
  10. Franciscan University of Steubenville
  11. University of Mount Union
  12. Cedarville University
  13. Marietta College
  14. Tiffin University
  15. Central State University
  16. Capital University
  17. Wilberforce University
  18. Union Institute & University
  19. Hiram College
  20. Malone University
  21. Walsh University
  22. Notre Dame College
  23. Muskingum University
  24. Shawnee State University
  25. Baldwin Wallace University

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